The Sub-Branch will advise eligible current and former serviceperson members on advocacy and welfare services coordinated by RSL WA, and help them connect to this support.

Welfare Assistance

Welfare support includes but is not limited to emergency financial assistance, home and hospital visits, bereavement assistance, crisis counselling referrals, accommodation assistance, government liaison and information on community health services and aged care residential facilities.

For more information click here to access the RSL WA Welfare Assistance Web Page.

Advocacy Assistance

Advocacy support includes but is not limited to Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) pension claim assistance, war widow support, mental health support assistance, legislative entitlement guidance, and claim appeal support.

For more information and contact details click here to access the WA Advocacy Assistance Web Page.

Financial Assistance

Requests for financial assistance can be made by members to the Sub-Branch Welfare Committee, care of the Sub-Branch Secretary.

The WA Aged Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Relief Trust Fund also provides financial grants to help veterans, widows, dependents or ex- ADF members in times of hardship. Application information can be found here on the RSL Financial Assistance Web Page.