The DVA Social Work Program is accessible to veterans, Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm (Melbourne time). Through this program, any veteran who has placed a claim can access possible social work assistance that may be of help while their claim is getting processed.

The Program

DVA social workers contact clients by telephone when a new claim is received to:

  1. Discuss any immediate support or needs the veteran and veteran’s family may have, and
  2. Provide information and referral to support services that may be required while the claim is being processed.

To access this service,  email outlining your best contact telephone number and preferred time(s) to contact you.  Alternatively you can phone 1800 555 323 to be transferred to DVA’s professional support service.

Examples of support that DVA social workers can assist with include referral to counselling services, advice about local community support groups, accommodation agencies, home care assistance and referral for financial aid.

You may choose to use this telephone contact service offered by DVA social workers. The discussion between you and the social worker is separate to the claim process and is confidential.